Mentor Next Door

PNES in partnership with ulaunch brings a one-stop solution for the mentoring needs of the youth. Professional Counselling, no matter what the domain, has abysmally low penetration in India. Though Mentor Next Door, we aim to provide good quality and free counselling through our network of field experts. What’s more, even you can be a part of it. Just reach us on the mail-in contact us page.

We, at PNES, believe

“Gaining Knowledge is the first step to Wisdom, Sharing it is the first step to Humanity.”

Keeping this vision in mind, we bring to you our mentorship platform Mentor Next Door where people, who want to teach and learn, can come together as well as connect with like-minded people (like you and me), who want to learn and grow. This is a platform which is for us, by us, to us.

The platform is designed such that the people from different domains, branches and sectors can come at one place and get mentorship from experts of different domains. The underlying idea remains the same as our tag line – Let’s rise together.

In order to maintain the decorum and professionalism, there are certain guidelines that everyone must adhere to.


Kindly read the following guidelines before getting started:

  1. Keep your queries short, precise and to the topic.
  2. Preferred language is English/Hindi/Hinglish.
  3. Keep the conversation professional.
  4. Unnecessary and irrelevant comments must be avoided.
  5. Treat everyone as equal and respect each other and move the conversation constructively.
  6. Join the appropriate class according to your interest and field.
  7. Kindly wait for the reply from the mentors.
  8. Discussions around topics which might hurt other community members are not allowed.
  9. Any kind of marketing/promotional/advertisement post or comment is not allowed.

In case any member does not adhere to guidelines as mentioned they would be removed and no requests for readmission will be entertained.

Steps to join as a neighbour to your Mentor Next Door:

  1. Read the guidelines.
  2. Read the guidelines again because we know you skipped most of them.
  3. Fill up the form at with complete details.
  4. After filling up the form and reviewing your application we will add you as a Neighbour using your mentioned email address.
  5. Happy and safe stay, Neighbour!

In case of any queries or suggestions, you can write to us at or fill-up the form at our website

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